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Abby2011: Hi Karen! Glad to hear you are feeling better .

Karen Marie: Thanks, it only lasted long enough to mess up the best days of the event, lol!

Krikit: I can relate...ugh

Chrisha: Hi Karen!!

Dee: Is there a connection between JZB/the 8 and Triton or the Draghars? (So glad you're here!)

Karen Marie: No connection between JZB and the Triton group.

RigoGal: The message boards have been in an uproar because the characters in the Fever series were flawed. Did you find it easier or more difficult to write characters that weren't "romantically" perfect and more realistic? Were you afraid to distance your readers?

Karen Marie: I found it easier to write about flawed characters than perfect ones because I think damaged people are so much more interesting...

zoegrace: Thank you for Karn for taking the time to join us today. Was there ever a time that you thought of changing your plot because it was what you thought the readers would want instead of staying true to your own ideas?

Karen Marie: There were only two things I changed from the original vision: the Adam cameo and not killing Drustan. Unfortunately to avoid killing Drustan I had to change the Keltar involvement entirely and it changed how SF felt overall to me.

crazineko: After reading the books, it's clear you have a good sense of humor. What parts of the fever series make you laugh the most?

Karen Marie: K'Vruck makes me laugh the most.

Grneyes: Is Adam one of the humans that were "reborn" Fae? As V'lane/Cruce speculated was happening to Christian?

Karen Marie: Great question about Adam.

JenniferS: With the ambiguity of what Barrons is, and whatever Mac is becoming.... after all that unprotected sex, what the heck kind of baby would that be? (Thanks for being here! :)

Karen Marie: Baby? Barrons have a baby?? Gah!

*Jo*: You made me look awfully good, Karen. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart =0] No words could come close to what I feel. Ummm am I flawed as weel?! *ponders* *Hugs*

Karen Marie: You're welcome Jo! Thought you'd like giving RyO the smackdown. LOL.

Lunera: Karen, thanks so much for giving me such a great laugh with Dani thinking that Jo was lezbo.

jayzee: lol

ang83: Do you no what the next set of books names will be?

Karen Marie: Yes, I do.

Chrisha: Sweet Jesus, THANK YOU for not killing Drustan! *clutching chest at the thought*

Karen Marie: Gwen thanked me too. Actually, she threatened me...

DannyV: lol I bet she did, Gwen would have been devastated!

bluedragonfly81: yes, I would still be crying if Drustan didn’t make it!!!

moe'sgirl: gwen already had to live through Drustan dying once. it would be SO unfair to do that to her a second, final time.

Chrisha: Why was JZB so interested in the fact that Mac dripped blood into his mouth when she thought he was dead?

Karen Marie: Are you guys STILL trying to label Barrons????

jayzee: I'd like to do a few things to Barrons ...labeling isn't one :D

nmblake : Will Cruce (V’Lane) and Dani hookup when she is older? I think there is something there even if she thought he was V'Lane

Karen Marie: Too funny. Wait till you see what happens with C/V. I'm not nearly done with him but I warn's not going to be comfortable...

Justine: Whose POV will the Graphic Novel be in ??? Please say Barrons'

Karen Marie: Graphic Novel is Mac POV mostly.

DreamTygre: How do you feel that one of your fans named their child Cian Daegus?

Karen Marie: Loved the sweet baby. Wasn't he adorable? But so much to live up to!

BlueCoyote: Oh!! and What was the significant thing about Beast Barrons eating those bloody runes?

Karen Marie: Beast eating bloody runes was only to show that what everyone else feared Barrons relished.

afilesi: Did V'lane/Cruce know that the Queen/concubine was projecting herself to the Keltar to try to change the future outcome?

Karen Marie: No V'lane/Cruce did not know.

DoberDawn: Who spiked the orb with the shades?

Karen Marie: The Lord Master

Bones: Glad you're feeling better! Was the SD's illusion of Mac's father a representation of her real father?

Karen Marie: Fascinating question about Mac's father! Look for more in future books.

anwen: Personally, I love that everything wasn't tied up neatly at the end. Happily every after has never been my thing. I like that Mac & JZB are more raw than that.

bluedragonfly8: I'll take Barrons as he is ;)

Karen Marie: Good cause he doesn’t bloody come any other way, haha.

Formida42: Was the mother of Barrons’ son human?

Karen Marie: Why this fascination with Barrons' past? Don't you like who he is now?

Christen: We're ALWAYS fascinated with Barron's past! :P

shamya: yes

DannyV: I found him perfect !

Sue71: Oh Yes! Everything about him is fascinating which is the thing lol

Krikit: I’m happy with Barrons not having a label, like the mystery.

Darkcubette: I like Barron's for what he is now not what he was!

Formida42: Can we figure out some way to make JZB a real person? Just for a little while? I’m willing to share.

Justine: In Shadowfever The Sinsar Dubh is having conversations = to whom is the SD speaking = you Karen

Karen Marie: The SD was speaking to Mac

crazineko: when did jzb really fall for Mac? was it slow or was love at first sight. er kill?

Abby2011: Ok, I would like to know that too, Crazineko, great question!

Karen Marie: Did you read the deleted scene in the CD? I can't recall what got into the final version, if it kept the part about him wanting to drag her tight pink a$$ behind the bookshelves and grow her up in a hurry or not.

jayzee: that's in the deleted scene Karen ;D

Sue71: Yes I think I memorized that part in the Booklet.

Vixn2tame: mmmm yes, good deleted scene :)

Grneyes: Definitely need to buy the CD now!!!

bcfulford: Which CD and where can I find it?!?

Karen Marie: The CD is available at my website on the Shadowsong page. The link is on my homepage.

Formida42: Are Barrons and the 8 all the same kind of being?

Karen Marie: Barrons and his eight are all the same kind of thing.

Formida42: Will the elixir that Mac was given eventually snuff out her soul?

sallygrl: i was wondering the same about the elixir.

Karen Marie: Good question about the elixir, remember V/C said it was different than the king/queens...will come up in the future.

Darkcubette: Do you plan on making a series about Ry-o and that group?

Karen Marie: The next series will be about Dani, RyO, Christian and Dancer with the rest of the Fever world characters making appearances.

DreamTygre: I just yay'ed about the next series and hubby gave me a WTH look...

Chrisha: Yay Christian!!!

MoningManiac21: YAY! I'm very interested in this Dancer person who has Dani's attention :)

Christen: Ooh Dancer and Danie! That should be interesting!

MoningManiac21: I think I'm beginning to become fascinated with Christian now! Is he becoming what we think he is?

Lunera: Umm, can I totally have Christian? I promise I'll take care of him!

christa3: will barrons and mac be major players in new series, or background characters?

Karen Marie: I wish I could tell you exactly how much Barrons and Mac will show up but they have a way of dictating their own terms once I start writing. I can tell you that I finished Shadowfever with a creative surplus for a change, with a TON of stories that are demanding to be told. I also wonder if any of you realize that DF began with one SD loose. SF ends with TWO. Very. Loosely. Corked. ")

MissEileen: I thought that exactly Karen. I kept wondering how I read five books about trying to capture the SD when Mac had it in her head all along!

*Jo*: VP, there ya go. C/V is going to be loosely corked~;0}

Viking Princess : Just how I like them ;)

Lunera : we always knew V/C was ...."loose" ;)

HopeChasez: Does that mean Lor won't get his own little side story?

shiver911: Lor needs to grow some...:)

Karen Marie: Lor. LOL! What a handful. He's definitely got things to say. Kasteo does too but he's not talking.

Grneyes: I want Kasteo to have an HEA...especially after what the 8 did to him

SummerRses: yes, and I'd also love to read more about Ryodan

bill'stula: No mention of Mac's back tattoo in the story. Why?

Karen Marie: Mac's back tat was metaphorical. It was the clue that she was part of the UK, right there on the cover :)

bill'stula: Thanks, I really needed some closure on her back tat.

lilyfleur: Did Barrons ever love Fiona?

Karen Marie: No Barrons never loved Fiona.

Grneyes: Thank goodness for that! Fiona was a Fiotch!

MoningManiac21: hehe fiotch

Karen Marie: I agree about Fiona!

SueSnell: Hi Karen, it's Shanley! Is Dani going to be older in the next series? Or is it going to follow right after?

MoningManiac21: I hope right after so we can watch how she grows~

Karen Marie: Hi Shanley! Still playing with how to write Dani's story. Will tell you when I know.

Mom2Leah: Was Mac's comment about hindsight being 20/20 (re:V'Lane should've been clothed before he was "encased") foreshadowing about V/C being... errrr... "released" at some point in the future? And who/ why releases him?

KarenMarie: Hello--finally catching my foreshadowing techniques, LOL!!!

Christen: At the end of SF Ryo finds Dani and says he has a job for her. Then Christian appears in the shadows. Is this how their connection starts for the new series?

Karen Marie: Dani's in a pretty bad position if RyO has a job for her and Christian thinks she might be his redemption. Can you imagine being stuck between those two men when you were only 14? What if they hung around for the next few years, watching over you with hawk eyes, making sure you became what they wanted you to become? And Dani doesn't take kindly to shaping.

JenniferS: I could deal with that :)

Mom2Leah: Foreshadowing again?? Right here in chat??? Whoa.

Sue71: I don’t know but I think it would be pretty hot. lol
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